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How to find hidden content ? There are pages and articles (like Chronicles’ articles) that you can’t see in the menu of the website or in the “Have you read this ?”. They are linked to a calendar date and you have to click on the right date to see them.

   Bague de fiançailles

That’s it ! We’ve decided to go on the great adventure !

To start on a high note, we public this website on Valentine’s Day: that’s classe, isn’t it ?

On this website you’l be able to find a blog which will tell you everything about all the twists and turns during the planification of our wedding. There is also a “private” part (non yet available, access will be available when you’ll have the announcements) to provide all the usefull information.

From now you can read the beginning of our story in the Chronicles !

On your right (close to the emergency exits located in the middle of this plane) there’s a calendar . Some dates, more or less important, leads you to (sometimes hidden) content.

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