The second date

This is my turn to tell the next épisode. Once again, It will be the point of view of only one of us. For the other Version, ask Elodie… (The original version was published by Thomas).
During the first date I spent a good time except for the fact that I couldn’t really express myself about who I am and what I like. So I decide to stay in touch with Elodie via Live Messenger (who was still existing, RIP).

Now we’re each in our own home chating about our feeling about this first date.  Then, Élodie tells me : “You didm’t talk much. I would have enjoyed you talking moreabout yourself”. So I decide to answer with thèse words “I would have enjoyed it too, but you made me unable to get a word in edgeways… Each time I tried to talk about me, you cut me and bounce back and forth into a story about you. Give me a second date and I’ll talk about me.” Élodie must have realized that she really had a logorrhea crisis and accepted to see me again the Thursday after in Tours after the work.

Today is Thursday, september the 24th 2011

My second date is tonight. I go back home from work, change clothes, shave and style my hair thinking to the coming night. I leave Vouillé to Tours. An hour of driving for a single dinner : good luck !
When arrived, we look for a place where have a drink before dinner and we so we sit at one of the Plumereau square’s terrace. Everything is fine, WE talk TOGETHER then go to a small restaurant and have a nice dinner. Being a true gentleman, I pay the bill and we continue the evening in another pub to have a last drink. After all this enjoyable time, we go back to my car and drive to Claire’s apartment (she is a friend of Elodie) where Elodie will spend the night.

I parked in front of the building and this is now the goodbye time. Because I feel that this night went all right, I decide to take a chance and close myself to kiss her. Elodie then turns her head and gives me a kiss on the cheeks before leaving the car. So I pick up the relief of my pride and drive home making the assessment of the night in my head:

A return trip to Tours by highway
Two drinks each at Plumereau square
A good diner in a nice restaurant
A kiss on the cheek
A trampled pride.

Good grief ! This is annoying ! On this finished the second date. Hope for the 3rd to be better !