Before the first date : I’ve been warned !

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I give you the original version so google translate can prove I’m not telling you bullshit … This is a part from my MSN history (who was still alive … We’re so old !). Blue is me, Black is Thomas.
Here is the translation :

Me : Hi again
Thomas : Hi again
Thomas: Sorry, I’m still on my phone so there’s some lag before I can read messages.
Me: No problem
Thomas: Moreover, the internet really is on the blink this afternoon. The internet connection freezes because of a storm.
Me: Ouch
Thomas: You know, I can’t wait to chat with you in person…. But you’ll see, I have a hard time when talking to girls.
Me : Really, shy ?
Thomas : Yes. Shy and not very gifted^^
Me: Well… We gonna be two because I don’t like “first date” … they’re not my strength.
Thomas : So, we’re not out of the woods yet
Me: We’ll do our best
Me: It doesn’t take me so long to loosen up but the first minutes are laborious.
Thomas : Are you more at your ease the dates after ? We can skip the first date and directly jump to the second one if you prefer.
Me: lol
Me: Let’s meet and see.

I know what you are thinking : This is not what we want to read ! We want the rest of the story ! It’s planned !  Only there’s  a little tiny huge problem : I found back only some parts of my MSN history. The october 1st conversation is reported missing.  And I’m gonna tell you a secret : There is a reason why we celebrate our “love anniversary” on October 2nd !

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