The second date (the girl’s version)

I won’t come back on what Thomas said about this date , everything is true. It did happen that way.

I just want to make a point about what was happening in my mind in the car, after the date. I had spent a very enjoyable night, much more enjoyable than the first date. I was sorry about not having my own flat in Tours yet, because had I have one, I would have invited him for a last drink. All in the same time, I didn’t know what to do or what to say. Thomas being not so expensive (even when one lets him talk, what I’d tried my best to do this night), I didn’t really know how to read into his behavior. It must be said that I wad not myself a famous expert in men-women relationships and that I didn’t grasp any of all these subtil signs that one should take in account at the beginning of a possible love relationship.

So, we’re parked at the bottom of Claire’s building and Thomas turns to me. I tell him that I’ve spent an enjoyable night and kiss him on the cheek when he leans to me.

I am by Claire’s. Of course, I tell her everything about this wonderful night (long version, with all those little details (at the pub after the restaurant, I felt like I was going to put my hand on his thigh but I didn’t dare).  After almost two hours of talking (broken several times by text message to Thomas to say him I really enjoyed the date and Hoped it was the same for him), something rings a bell : “Claire, in the car, at the end, I think that, in fact, …he tried to kiss me”.

Fuck ! I didn’t get anything !

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