Thank you Aurore !

If you’ve read The first date and its end, you may have wondered how Mister succeeded in his quest of a second date. This is the story why I said yes.

I was having a tea at a friend’s home, Aurore, few days after the much talked about first date, which I of course had told her everything about, when she stopped me and said : “You should give him a second date. You say he doesn’t appeal to you but you’re always talking about him. He must have something given the fact that usually you never talked about the guys you might meet. You know, when I met P***** for the first time it was during a birthday party of a common friend. I hated him. I thought he was far too pretentious and I didn’t want to see him ever again ! And now, we’re engaged to each other and gonna marry this summer. Sometimes, the first sight isn’t the best. Honestly, if there’s only the fact of his smocking that bothers you, it might be worse. It would be a shame to miss something for this kind of detail.”

It made me think about it. Aurore has ever given me good advice. What if she were true ? After all, I won’t lost something to give him a chance…

Moreover, the fact that he dared say me “you talk too much, shut up and let me talk” pleased me. Not really at the very time but I knew myself enough to know that I would bore with a guy who would have pandered to my every whim.

So, Let’s have a second date !